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Thank you so much Vancouver Chinatown

Just finished our show yesterday - Celebration of four different kinds of artists - 4 in a room.

Thank you so much for all folks visited us, and all artists who joined this show.

My first directed show was succeed - my display plan went very well with everyone's taste.

Mix and match, sort of improvisations, unexpectations .. I was very inspired working with everyone.

Overall, some of us have later shows - Hanna Benihoud and Theresa waltzer will be in  Culture crawl this weekend, I, Tomoko Tahara (_laboratory_) will do pop up show at Birds and Beets in December.

Well See you around everyone! 

Here's some of Photos from my Instagram photos, and some of them are taken by Annie Hsu.

FullSizeRender (27).jpg

Photo : Annie Hsu

FullSizeRender (28).jpg

This is us. (vancouver BC),Tomoko Tahara(Tokyo Japan), Nina Shu Yao (taipei, Taiwan),  Hanna Benihoud (London UK)              Photo: Annie Hsu

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