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NHV - Millinery competition

I submitted a millinery competition by a Dutch publisher called Hatlines .

The theme of competition was "Flying Dutchman" and must use a hat mold that they provided for us. 

When I started researching, I asked around people about the theme, then all said "Pirates of Caribbean".

I watched it, Jhonny Depp was such a talented actor, however I couldn't get inspirations. 

I read Wagner's opera briefly, then liked the story.

A captain on a ship cursed by a saturn, he had to drift on the ocean with the phantom ship, as well as he can't die. An angel visited him to give him an opportunity - when the ship lands every 7 years, and if he could find a lover, he will be released from the curse.

The end of story was sad and beautiful.

However.It was too romantic for me to make the hat based with the story. So that I made a modern twist, and wanted to make it with something comical - The only thing reminded me from the Flying Dutchman was... "Ship in a bottle".

I searched a kit that I can arrange the ship, and the bottle -  normally it is in a glass bottle, it would be beautiful but would be too heavy -  I was walking around a liquor shop to look for a perfect acrylic or plastic bottle.Picked the moss from trees, picked sea shells that I found in Vancouver island, then I made the hat as dirty as I can. The ship took me long hours to complete so as the hat body.

The image was an old ship drifting in the ocean long time, covered by seaweed, dirty, bizarre, depressing, alcohol, and also funny looking.

It went succeed to me. But I missed to put a title. it supposed to be " Drifting in the ocean"

So, the judgers made a title for the hat, then the title was "Polar ice cap of Mars" ha ha ha. I laughed. Maybe they imagined Canadian ocean? Maybe they couldn't understand what I made and confused, ended up with this name? Overall I am glad that they got this hat is "funny".

I am a punk milliner, not a traditional.

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