West of Main art walk

This is a little bit too early to announce, but I'm going to join "West of Main art walk" June 2nd and 3rd. 

It is neighbourhood open studio event around in between Main street to Granville.(in Vancouver,BC)

I will show some of my works, as well as special collaboration with flower shop the wild bunch.  

The collab will be with my straw hats, they will decorate flowers and plants on the hats.

Some of them are for wedding, some are casual summer hats.

Here is an interview from West of Main art walk.



Tomoko Tahara
End of year - 2017

I can't believe tomorrow is the end of year.

This year went so fast as usual..Thank you for all wonderful people support Tomoko Tahara

 Stay tuned.

The photo is new listing on the store.

All of my original designs are copyright protected and must not be copied or reproduced in any way without prior permission from ©Tomoko Tahara


Tomoko Tahara
Thank you for all.

Pop up hat store at Birds and beets  was successfully finished.

Thank you for all people at the cafe, as well as our guests, it was wonderful to see all people enjoyed wearing their hats.

 Well the web store _laboratory_  is a bit empty now, will update soon.

If you need more hats or other inquiry, don't hesitate to send message. 

I also felt lucky to be there was all those plants on the photo.

They are from local floral store,  the Wildbunch ,

they have wonderful selection of flowers and plants.

IMG_3416 (1).JPG
Pop up hat shop alert.

Pop up hat shop _laboratory_(Tomoko Tahara hat laboratory) will be at the birds and the beets in early December.

Will line up new ones and items not on the webstore, some good price ones as well.

Stay tuned.Will announce very soon.


Thank you so much Vancouver Chinatown

Just finished our show yesterday - Celebration of four different kinds of artists - 4 in a room.

Thank you so much for all folks visited us, and all artists who joined this show.

My first directed show was succeed - my display plan went very well with everyone's taste.

Mix and match, sort of improvisations, unexpectations .. I was very inspired working with everyone.

Overall, some of us have later shows - Hanna Benihoud and Theresa waltzer will be in  Culture crawl this weekend, I, Tomoko Tahara (_laboratory_) will do pop up show at Birds and Beets in December.

Well See you around everyone! 

Here's some of Photos from my Instagram photos, and some of them are taken by Annie Hsu.

FullSizeRender (27).jpg

Photo : Annie Hsu

FullSizeRender (28).jpg

This is us. (vancouver BC),Tomoko Tahara(Tokyo Japan), Nina Shu Yao (taipei, Taiwan),  Hanna Benihoud (London UK)              Photo: Annie Hsu

FullSizeRender (29).jpg
Celebration of 4 different artists - 4 in a room is tomorrow

Our show 4 in a room 's opening is tomorrow, I am so excited as one of the artists, as a host and directer.

I am planning this show to be as an exhibition - not just like selling art and crafts. 

We will make you enjoy being in the space - see you tomorrow.

At playground Chinatown : 434 Columbia Vancouver BC

Nov 11 - 13, 12-5. Opening night : 7:30-9(ish)


Hanna Benihoud : 3 D art.


Nina Chen : Indigo textiles


Theresa Waltzer - Silver Jewelry 

Flyer design : Hanna Benihoud