Made my dream come true

Since I am a reggae music fan for half of my life, Lee Scratch Perry is one of my favourite artist and I wanted to make his hat one day.

Then, finally  I made a hat inspired by him, his music, imagination of Jamaica and sent it to mr. Lee.

Shortly after I send the hat,he gave me email and said he posted his photo about the hat on his social medias -

I was so excited to see them.

Got his powerful message and got positive, happy energy - Thank you so much for the feature. It was wonderful experience.

Screen shot 2017-04-06 at 11.21.41 AM.png

Reminding 2011 - I was trying to find a direction of my hat making.

In the same year, my friend introduced me this contest. When I saw the detail of the contest, I was crazily excited like doubting my eyes. Because one of the judger was Stephen Jones. 

I am always inspired by his creations since I saw his show in Japan, in 2006. 

I submitted the contest and I didn't win, however I felt really honor, humble to be shortlisted by him and Vogue editor Dolly Jones. You can still see exact detail on

This news made me decide to direct where my hat creation should arrow to. 

Forager's hat

This is my favourite everyday hat.In town, hike, snow day, travelling..You can take it with you everywhere.They are kind of grandpa's hat look, classic, got good vintage taste.

Available on Tomoko Tahara



Snow in town

Vancouver has been snow for few days lately. Normally here is rain during the winter, it is very rare to get this much snow in town.Looking at snow is just beautiful even so people doesn't get used to this weather and it makes confuse everything in town.


Snow ball hat.Available at hat shop _laboratory_

Last day in Tokyo

Thank you for all people around when I was in japan this time - 

I will miss everyone, everything!

Will update highlights of the show soon here.






では、Good luck ! 

Tomoko Tahara